Financial Releases for Designated Agencies

Uganda National Roads Authority

Uganda Road Fund (URF) is a body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament of 2008. Its overall objective is to ensure that all public roads are maintained at all times through provision of adequate and stable financing for routine and periodic road maintenance, undertaken by Designate Agencies (DAs). Currently, the Fund finances 164 Designated/Funded agencies that include 2 Authorities (UNRA and KCCA), 121 districts and 41 municipalities that manage Uganda’s public roads network. The sub-counties and town councils are the sub-agencies of the DLGs which consist of 1,129 sub-countries and 214 town councils. District Local Governments, the Local Governments Act, 1997 mandates local governments to construct, rehabilitate, and maintain roads within their jurisdictions. Local Governments include districts and municipalities.

UNRA was established under the UNRA Act, 2006 with the mandate of planning, developing, and maintaining the national roads. National roads are also known as classified roads. They service the national transport needs of the country and go through more than one district. These are made of 20, 563km.