Monitoring & Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation Department

The monitoring and evaluation business process establishes the degree to which the objectives of the Fund are being met, with reference to the key performance indicators set out earlier for the reporting period. All of the other business processes and road maintenance operations financed by the Fund are subject to monitoring and evaluation as an essential part of the business cycle.
The Monitoring and Evaluation department’s primary purpose is to generate reports that contribute to transparency and accountability, and allows for lessons to be shared more easily. Monitoring and evaluation department involves two processes that is monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring, a routine where collection of information from projects and programmes is exercised with the objective of having internal and external accountability of the resources used and the results obtained. Monitoring is a periodically recurring task that takes place in the planning stage of a project or programme for all Quarters (Q1 – Q4). Monitoring allows results, processes and experiences to be documented and used as a basis to steer decision-making and learning processes. Monitoring is checking progress against plans. The data acquired through monitoring is used for evaluation.
The evaluation process that involves analysis or interpretation of the collected data which delves deeper into the relationships between the results of the programme, the effects produced by the programme and the overall impact of the programme.

Financial Year 2014-2015

ME Report Q4 FY 2014-15


ME Report Q1 Q3 FY 2014-15

ME Report Q1 Q4 FY 2014-15

Financial Year 2015-16

ME Report Q1 FY 2015-16

ME Report Q1 Q2 FY 2015-16

ME Report Q1 4 FY 2015-16

Financial Year 2016-2017

ME Report Q1 2 FY 2016-17