E.D’s Office



The  Executive Director  oversees the six main functional departments that comprise the Departments of Fund management, Programming, Audit, Corporate Services and Monitoring and Evaluation, in addition to the departments, the Executive Director directly supervise the Procurement and Disposal unit.

Procurement and Disposal Unit (PDU)

The Procurement and Disposal business processes takes their strategic and operational direction from the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003/2014 together with subsequent Regulations and Guidelines. The processes are clearly described in the Act and Regulations and are effected by a mandatory Procurement and Disposal Unit in each governmental or quasi-governmental organisation.

The Procurement and Disposal Unit reports directly to the Executive Director, who is also the Accounting Officer of the Secretariat. The placement of the Procurement and Disposal Unit in the organisation structure reflects its cross cutting role, which impacts all departments.

The Procurement and Disposal Unit is charged with ensuring timely and compliant procurement of goods, works and services in support of the Fund’s internal activities.  In this context and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, the roles and responsibilities of key players in the procurement cycle are clearly stipulated and thus owned.

The Procurement and Disposal Unit also contributes and supports the external activities of the Fund by providing advice in support of planning and programming, monitoring and evaluation and audit functions of the Fund where procurement and disposal issues affect performance. This engagement supports good governance and enhanced accountability in the operations of the Fund.