Road safety Initiatives by Uganda Road Fund

Uganda Road Fund (URF) is committed to safety of Uganda’s roads and with this commitment, the Fund allocates over UGX 9 billion to designated agencies every financial year for road safety initiatives.

In the financial year 2018/19 Road Fund will increase its support to improve road safety interventions is aimed at reducing accident occurrence and safety on the roads through provision of infrastructure for the vulnerable road users and proactive community initiatives/sensitization. It is anticipated that following the implementation of these initiatives, there will be improved and tangible road safety performance.

It is envisaged that for every UGX 1 billion invested in road safety, road crashes will reduce by 0.3% of the current fatality rate. The Uganda Road Fund will finance two elements of the Road Safety Financing Strategic Plan (FY 2018/19 to FY 2022/23) namely: safer road infrastructure for vulnerable road users; and driver user behavior.

In support of road safety initiatives for FY 2018/19, designated agencies are required to allocate up to a maximum of 5% of their road maintenance budget towards road safety activities. The qualifying works include installation of road furniture, lane marking, speed humps, facilities for non-motorised users, zebra crossings, community awareness & sensitisation.