Work Plan and Financial Releases for Funded Agencies

Uganda Road Fund disburses road maintenance funds to its designated agencies that include UNRA, KCCA, Districts, Municipalities, Town Councils and Sub counties on a quarterly basis.Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) releases funds on a quarterly to Uganda Road Fund. The releases are premised on the Indicative planning figures (IPFs) that are usually released in preparation of the new financial year.

It is in line with MoFPED’s commitment to release funds before the 10th day of the first month of the quarter to ensure speedy execution of government programs. After receiving road maintenance funds from MoFPED, the URF allocates and disburses funds to respective agencies according to the quarterly release.

Eligibility for Funding

a) The Agency should have signed a performance agreement with the Fund.

b) Submission of a satisfactory annual work plan.

c)Submission of a general receipt with evidence of timely receipt and    transfer of funds to sub agencies. This is done within a given quarter when the funds are disbursed.

d) Submission of a satisfactory physical and financial accountability filed at   the beginning of every new quarter.

The Uganda Road Fund Secretariat adheres to timely disbursements of road maintenance funds to avoid delays in execution of planned programmes of its Agencies.
The District Roads Committees (DRC) has the mandate to provide oversight of the road maintenance funds by ensuring that the funds are put to their rightful use guided by their respective annual work plans.
Uganda Road Fund remains committed to its core principles of Prudence, Transparency, Integrity and Value.

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