Road Fund Releases UGX 108bn for Quarter 2 FY 2019/20

18th October 2019

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) has released UGX 108bn for quarter 2 of FY2019/20 to its designated agencies and sub-agencies for routine and periodic maintenance of various categories of public roads.

The quarter 2 disbursement reflects 25.07% of URF annual roads maintenance budget of UGX UGX 108,331,833,149 for the financial year 2019/20. The cumulative release by the Fund currently stands at UGX 215,367,839,299 since the financial year begun.

Table showing Agency disbursements for Quarter 2 FY 2019/20

 Designated Agency Q1 Funds Disbursed Q2 Funds Disbursed Total for 2 Quarters
Uganda National Roads Authority  66,503,043,936        68,398,870,935             134,901,914,871
Kampala Capital City Authority   5,747,597,205           4,357,088,972              10,104,686,177
Districts    14,483,837,391         10,979,782,668            25,463,620,059
Municipalities     7,018,665,005           5,320,649,100               12,339,314,104
Town Councils    6,158,866,729          4,668,860,630             10,827,727,360
Community Access Roads                         -         12,996,440,342            12,996,440,342
Distressed Areas        373,745,394              283,325,689                  657,071,083
Emergency       915,660,574              694,136,080              1,609,796,654
Tarmacking selected Town Councils 5,000,000,000                                -             5,000,000,000
Bridges      457,830,287             347,068,040                 804,898,327

Eligibility for Funding

  1. a)The Agency should have signed a performance agreement with the Fund.
  2. b)Submission of a satisfactory annual work plan.
  3. c)Submission of a general receipt with evidence of timely receipt and transfer of funds to sub agencies. This is done within a given quarter when the funds are disbursed.
  4. d)Submission of a satisfactory physical and financial accountabilities filed at the beginning of every new quarter.

At the time of quarter 2 release Omoro and Luwero district together with Lira Municipal Council had not filed their quarter 4 FY 2018/19 accountabilities with the URF Secretariat.

All Designated Agencies signed performance agreements with URF which was done from 9th -13th September 2019 and have also submitted their FY 2019/20 annual work plans.

The quarter 2 funds are meant to respond to the bottlenecks on all networks in the Country that were caused by the floods in the rainy season. The funds are meant to restore connectivity in the cut off areas and agencies are requested to review their quarter 2 workplans to support bottle neck removal initiatives in the badly affected areas.