Fund Management is the core business process to the operations of the Uganda Road Fund. It embraces the collection, management and disbursement of the monies of the Fund.

The Fund is currently not collecting Road User Charges (RUCs). Its operations are majorly funded by monies received from the Consolidated Fund. The Road User Charges (RUCs) Framework by for the collection, transfer and management of road user charges for financing maintenance of public roads is in place although not yet operationalised but the processes are being developed and will involve the employment of collection agents, primarily the Uganda Revenue Authority.  Performance agreements will provide for fees for collection with incentives for timely collection and remission to the accounts of the Fund.

Management of the monies of the Fund is a treasury function. In a practical 2G Fund arrangement, RUCs collections would go directly to URF accounts and the funds would be disbursed on a needs basis to agencies. Experience dictates that, for various reasons, monies may accumulate at times and a fund management plan will be drawn up to ensure that such surpluses are invested prudently.

Similarly, there will arise potential deficits, principally at the beginning of each financial year and at the quarter points, when large disbursements are required against a more steady inflow of funds from collection agencies. The Fund Management forecasts such deficits and embraces arrangements for short-term support as envisaged by the Act.

The management accounting functions of the Fund are handled on a commercial basis using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles on a historic accounting basis. The function is guided by Regulations and a Financial Management and Accounting Manual that clearly marks out all of the business processes and procedures of fund management and accounting for the operations of the Fund.