Plans for Financial Year 2018/19

The Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) increased the road maintenance budget from Shs 417bn to Shs 527bn this financial year, 2018/19. The increment is 29% over the Financial Year 2017/18 funding levels.

The UNRA still emerges as the biggest recipient of road maintenance funds at Shs 312.5bn in FY 2018/19 followed by Districts at Shs 76bn while Municipalities shall receive Shs 37bn. KCCA will receive 30.5bn, Town Councils Shs 31bn, Shs 11.9bn has been earmarked for tarmacking of selected Town Councils. Distressed areas mostly in hilly terrain, lake shores and Islands shall receive Shs 1.4bn. The bridges on DUCAR network will be financed to a tune of Shs 1.7bn and Shs 781m will be spent on Technical Support units that will support capacity improvements and enhance efficiency in the Northern region.

Road safety shall be a key component in this financial year as well as removal of bottlenecks caused by floods on local government roads. Other interventions will be rehabilitation of bridges, installation of culverts, investment in research and alternative material technologies and also funding road maintenance of the new 207 Town Council roads.

FY 2018/19 Quarter 1 Disbursement

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) has released UGX 130.5bn for quarter 1 of FY2018/19 to its designated agencies and sub-agencies for routine and periodic maintenance of various categories of public roads.

The Fund has just concluded signing performance agreements with all its agencies which include UNRA, KCCA, 127 Districts, 41 Municipalities and their sub agencies Town Councils and Sub counties. In this financial year the Fund shall finance road maintenance programmes for 6 new districts that include Nabilatuk, Bugweri, Kassanda, Kwania, Kapelebyong and Kikuube.

Table showing Agency disbursements for Quarter 1 FY 2018/19

 Designated Agency Q1 Funds Disbursed
Uganda National Roads Authority 78,140,673,140
Kampala Capital City Authority 7,460,496,458
Districts 18,800,311,452
Municipalities 9,110,367,957
Town Councils 7,753,858,834
Distressed Areas 355,439,708
Emergency 1,200,000,000
Tarmacking Town Councils 6,449,849,078
Bridges 891,623,410
Technical Support Units 190,744,788

UNRA Scope of Works in Quarter 1 FY 2018/19

A total of 17,803km will be maintained under routine manual maintenance; 479km under routine mechanical maintenance; 118.1km under periodic maintenance and 273km shall be maintained using low cost seals. Other qualifying works include operating and maintaining 13 ferries; operating and maintaining 10 fixed and 10 mobile bridges; 12km of street lighting; road marking 273km; demarcating 52.5km of road reserve and maintenance of 132 bridges.

KCCA Scope of works  

A total of 234km will be maintained under routine manual and mechanical maintenance; 0.15km will be maintained under periodic maintenance. In Quarter 1 KCCA shall undertake road safety activities, road marking, traffic management works and maintenance of street lights.

Local Governments Scope of works 

Districts (127), Municipalities (41) and Town Councils (214) shall maintain a combined scope of 39,846km using routine manual and mechanical maintenance as well as periodic maintenance of District Urban and Community Access Roads.

The Road Fund Secretariat always adheres to timely disbursements of road maintenance funds to avoid delays in execution of planned programmes of its agencies.

Focus shall be placed on District Roads Committees to provide oversight of the road maintenance funds by ensuring that the funds are put to their rightful use guided by their respective annual work plans.

Road Fund Performance in FY 2017/18

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) released Shs 406bn to the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Districts, Municipalities, Town Councils and Subcounties for the maintenance of roads in the financial year 2017/18.

UNRA was the biggest beneficiary receiving Shs 267bn in FY2017/18 followed by Districts at Shs 48bn while Municipalities received Shs 25bn. Town Councils got Shs 19bn and another Shs1.1bn was spent on a special intervention project for tarmacking new selected Town Councils. KCCA received Shs 19bn for maintenance of Kampala City roads. Shs 11bn was spent on mechanical imprest while Shs 7.8bn went to Community Access Roads (CARS). Emergency works took Shs 3bn while Shs 1.5bn was spent on Bridges.

The funds were released to facilitate routine and periodic maintenance; bridges maintenance; road safety works; axle load control and enforcement both fixed and mobile; ferry operations and maintenance; plant and equipment repairs; transport studies; and road materials; and operational expenses of respective agencies (UNRA, KCCA, District, Municipalities, Town Councils, and Sub Counties).

In the Financial year 2017/18, the Fund financed road maintenance programmes for six new districts that included Namisindwa, Pakwach, Butebo, Rukiga, Kyotera, and Bunyangabu and 214 Town Councils.

In the financial year 2017/18 Districts registered 95.0% improvements on paved roads and 59.1% on unpaved roads, Urban roads registered 66.9% on paved and 49.7% unpaved; Community Access Roads recorded the lowest a 24.8% on unpaved roads; KCCA 49% paved and 61.0% unpaved roads and UNRA recorded 60% improvements on paved and 70% on unpaved roads.

UNRA Performance in FY2017/18

In FY 2017/18, UNRA achieved 16,783km using routine manual maintenance on both paved and unpaved roads. It also achieved 16,512km using routine mechanical maintenance on both paved and unpaved roads. A total of 1,564km of unpaved roads were maintained under periodic maintenance. Other achievements included 13 ferries that were operated and maintained; Axle load control was enforced on 8 fixed and 4 mobile weighbridges; Street lighting was maintained on 50km of selected roads; a total of 131 bridges were maintained and 120km of roads were demarcated.

KCCA Performance in FY 2017/18

KCCA achieved 1,045km under routine manual and mechanical maintenance on both paved and unpaved. Other qualifying works included 3 traffic junctions, street lighting, road markings and transport studies.

District Local Governments Performance in FY 2017/18

Districts together with Town Councils and Sub-counties maintained 37,537km under routine manual, routine mechanized and periodic maintenance. A total of 4,597 Culverts lines were installed and 12 Bridges maintained during the financial year.

Municipalities’ Performance in FY 2017/18

Under Municipal Councils, 5,279 km were achieved using routine manual, routine mechanized and periodic maintenance. A total of 459 lines Culverts were installed and 5 bridges maintained during the financial year.

Chart showing combined release of road maintenance funds in the Financial Year 2017/18

About the Uganda Road Fund

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 (the Act) and became operational in 2010 as a body responsible for financing of road maintenance in Uganda.