The Uganda Road Fund (URF) has released UGX 102,055,963,578 to its designated agencies and sub-agencies for maintenance of various categories of public roads for Quarter 3 of FY2017/18.

The designated agencies include UNRA, KCCA, 121 Local governments (Districts and Municipalities) and their sub agencies Town Councils and Sub counties.

The quarter 3 disbursement reflects 25% of URF annual roads maintenance budget of UGX 406,776,000,000 for the financial year 2017/18 whereby the cumulative release by the Fund currently stands at UGX 279,435,679,181 since the financial year begun.

In this quarter, the Fund has experienced a shortfall of UGX 25,646,320,819 amounting to 6.29% of the agency annual roads maintenance budget.

Break down of disbursements to Designated Agencies

 Designated Agency Q2 Funds Disbursed
UNRA 66,336,376,326
KCCA 5,387,459,089
Districts 13,292,508,661
Municipalities 7,135,379,731
Town Councils 5,452,282,553
Mechanical Imprest 3,309,957,218
Emergency Funding 750,000,000
Bridges 392,000,000
Total 102,055,963,578

In this financial year, the Fund has embarked on maintenance of bridges on the DUCAR network. Resources have also been released for research on alternative technologies as well as transport studies on road safety and congestion on National and Kampala city roads.

Chart showing combined release of Quarter 1 and 2 of financial year 2017/18


Eligibility of Funding

  1. The Agency should have signed a performance agreement with the Fund.
  2. Submission of a satisfactory annual work plan.
  3. Submission of a general receipt with evidence of timely receipt and transfer of funds to sub agencies. This is done within a given quarter when the funds are disbursed.
  4. Submission of a satisfactory physical and financial accountabilities filed at the beginning of every new quarter.
  5. Activities to be funded in Q3 FY2016/17

The funds disbursed will facilitate Routine and Periodic maintenance, Road safety works, Axle load control, Ferry operations and maintenance, Plant and Equipment Repairs, Road materials and Operational expenses in respective Agencies.

  1. UNRA Road Maintenance

In this quarter UNRA has planned to maintain 3,490km of paved roads, 13,537km unpaved roads, 86 bridges and 13 ferries. UNRA will carry out road safety works in quarter 3 by installing street lighting, road signage, road marking and demarcation of road reserves on 854km of selected National roads. The Fund will also finance the pretesting of an alternative technology on 1.0km on a selected National road. The low cost seal technology is an alternative to the costly bitumen which is commonly used to pave Uganda’s roads.

The Fund will facilitate the operations of Axle Load Control and Enforcement on eight (8) fixed and four (4) mobile Axle load control bridges.

  1. KCCA Road Maintenance works for Q3

KCCA will maintain 145km of paved roads and 120km of unpaved roads. KCCA will also undertake road markings and junction maintenance under its road safety programmes.

In this quarter, the Fund will finance transport studies on road safety and congestion on Kampala city roads.

  1. Road maintenance works on District, Urban, and Community Access Roads

Districts will maintain 25,502km of roads and 3 bridges in this quarter. A total 4,247km of Municipal council roads and 5 bridges will be maintained in this quarter.

The Uganda Road Fund Secretariat adheres to timely disbursements of road maintenance funds to avoid delays in execution of planned programmes of its Agencies.

Uganda Road Fund remains committed to its core principles of Prudence, Transparency, Integrity and Value.